Apple's business model: monetizing data privacy

At WWDC 2019, Apple just introduced a set of anti-tracking measures, as a testament to its commitment towards data privacy. This includes: A “tracking-free” signing in option for apps and services An ability to “hide” your email address through a single-use random address system This is pretty cool: Apple will allow users to "Sign in […]

The future of the internet is blogging and online communities

How is blogging on the rise? It’s all speculation, and I don’t pretend to know which trends will catch up in the future. But I do think that in the next few years, blogging is set for a comeback due to the following: The shifting purpose of social media Rising concerns for data privacy The […]

Digital communities: an interview with Product Hunt's Ryan Hoover

It’s the community, Ryan Hoover emphasizes, that makes Product Hunt special—a community of makers, fans of their products, and everyone in between. On Product Hunt, users can submit and upvote products from all types of makers from around the world. Hoover himself sees 100+ products submitted everyday, and the community is only getting bigger. In […]

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